Many, Many Mosaics

An artistic oasis with room for the whole family.

What’s up, friends?

Located just outside of Joshua Tree National Park is a property that not only exemplifies stylish desert living but also feels like it crawled out of a fantastical storybook. This midcentury modern home (with a detached guest home) brings texture, comfort, and so many mosaics into the beautiful Yucca Valley desert.

The design of this home is quintessentially “committing to a bit” but in the best way. To some, the choices might be too artsy, though, it all comes together in a cohesive manner that creates an inviting and almost nostalgic experience.

Keep your eyes peeled! The designer didn’t skimp on details throughout the home.

With every step you take, the penny floors remind you of the effort that was put into creating this home. These colored glass pieces are artfully paired with stones and pebbles to form the walls and windows and bring light into the home.

This kitchen seems like something you’d find inside an enchanted forest. And don’t lose sight of that penny floor… it continues throughout the home. I don’t even want to think about how many hours it took to create!

The same whimsical feel is carried into the primary bedroom. Here, the penny mosaic is emphasized as it’s surrounded by a vibrant blue koi pond design. 

When you walk through the backdoor, the natural rocks outside have a curvature that feels almost pleasantly cartoonish. 

At the same time, they provide a gorgeous natural backdrop for the (literally) rocky yet stylish patio and backyard pool, which must be a fantastic spot for stargazing.

Don’t forget about the detached back-house! It follows the lead of the primary home’s design but in a simpler manner. 

It’s a perfect addition for when family joins you to see the national park, or to rent out for vacationers! Maybe you’d even be inspired by the artistic nature of the home and turn it into your own art studio -the possibilities are endless!

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