Little Castle, Big World

Luckily, it does have running water.

What’s up, friends?

No need to fight off neighboring kingdoms, this secluded castle (2 bedroom home) provides tranquility, views, and plenty of space to input your personal style.

Apparently this front door is 750 lbs of redwood. If you’re expecting the same grandiosity inside the home… don’t keep your fingers crossed.  

The first thing I’m noticing are these floors! It’s like the stone is bringing us to the European countryside.

Also, points for the period-accurate details - that are only disrupted by the noticable drywall.

I’m going to be blunt. This looks like an outhouse shower found at an overnight camp. And I can't say I’d want that in my house. 

Upstairs, the dining room placement feels like you can overlook your kingdom through the gothic windows, or your subjects in the living room below.

For being a literal castle, I’d think there would be more amenities. I guess the novelty of it being a castle is enough for some?

On the roof, the satellites remind you that you’re not in the Middle Ages, if that wasn’t clear already.

This view of of the property at sunset really sells the property for me. I guess I can see where their inspiration came from to build a castle here. Wow!

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